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Linking all aspects of the educational industry into one network is positioned to become a world-class educational service provider.


In 1976 Daekyo introduced a new teaching methodology called Eye Level , which has enjoyed increasing success to the present day. The Eye Level philosophy emphasizes individual learning, and teaching is adjusted to the performance level of each student. Daekyo employs a variety of educational methods that meet the rigorous demands of schools.


Daekyo has become a global educational services provider through continuous effort to develop a variety of educational methods that integrate online and offline programs, creating a foundation for the lifelong pursuit of learning. Daekyo has grown into Korea's top educational services provider, with approximately 2.4 million members in more than 16 countries, providing exceptional educational services and inspiring students to strive for excellence.



Eye Level Instructors


All Eye Level instructors are trained in a comprehensive teaching program for their Eye Level certification, ensuring their ability to offer the best Eye Level instruction to each student. Eye Level instructor certification is an on-going process and requires regular training; therefore, our instructors remain current and up to date with all Eye Level teaching methods.


Eye Level instructors work closely with individual students and their families to develop the best possible study plan and environment for each student. Assessing each student individually allows the instructors to determine whether the student has a need for remedial education or for more advanced study.


All homework and assigned tasks are carefully assessed by Eye Level Instructors and overseen by Iyswariya Preetham, Director, in order to properly evaluate the progress of each student. These regular evaluations provide insight to the student and help determine the proper course corrections needed for the student’s study schedule.






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